Civita was approached by clients in West Perth who wished to renovate their existing residential dwelling and transform it into a functional office space. The house had a number of pre-existing issues; such as cracked walls, collapsed footings, a leaking roof and a damaged ceiling. In order to resolve these issues, the team made a number of major changes. Firstly, many of the internal walls were removed to allow for a more spacious and ‘opened-up’ environment. To sure up the footing, we used chemical grout injections beneath the existing foundations, and we replastered the existing walls to remove the wall cracks. Lastly, we installed a new modern zincalume roof and painted the ceiling.

After these fixes were made, the Civita team installed new windows and a bathroom, and applied an elegantly professional coat of paint throughout the newly-emerged workplace. This once old, dark and dull 1920’s house has now been fully restored and converted into a comfortable and effective office space that will be used for many years to come!