The Best Perth Home Renovations

We’re not just another brick in the wall.

In terms of adding value, no other room in your home compares to that of your……?
What do you think? Bathroom or kitchen? Maybe your lounge?
How do you work out if your renovation will be profitable?             

What interior trend do we predict won’t be in style next year?

The questions are endless when it comes to home renovation tricks, tips, and traps. Here, at Perth Precision Construction, let us help answer a few of them for you.

From building vs buying to seasonal interior inspiration; Perth Precision Construction brings you its authentic blog for the dedicated renovator, decorator or builder who’s after some tips and tricks from both the experts and every day renovating gurus who have done it all before. 

Where is the best place to park your renovation dollars in a way that will improve amenities and aesthetics to generate the best bang for your buck? What’s the demographic of the area you live in and how can that play a role in your renovation? What’s the particular style of the neighborhood?

There are so many big names in the Perth renovation game, but what sets PPC apart is its personal approach and attention to detail, led by owner/operator Timothy Keogh.

“As all of our projects are unique to each home and family, each with their own goals and challenges, you can be sure there’s no misunderstandings as you will speak directly with the builder, and director of Perth Precision Construction; me. It’s your home so we treat it like it is ours too. This in turn puts it in my best interest to not promise what can’t be delivered. I find a lot of the time people who are sold by salesmen are left wanting a better result because they overpromised and under delivered.  Mistakes happen but it’s how they’re handled which makes a company great”  Timothy, Owner and Director

Tim, a carpenter by trade, a registered builder, and also member of the Master Builders Association of WA, has over 15 years in the building industry, completing large extension projects for some of the best builders in Perth, to small residential and commercial projects, such as complete office renovations fit-outs, outdoor kitchens, bathroom renovations and home extensions.
Western Australians don’t just like to show off their homes, they love it, and will take any opportunity to improve, extend, redecorate or redesign their homes and proudly showcase the finished product.

“We’ve spent years doing what we love, constantly learning and perfecting our skills, and look forward to sharing our passion with our clients and turning your house into your dream home.”

Learn more about the story behind the company and understand our mission and message. Each month invested readers will discover ways to add value to their property and find out which renovations don’t.  Maybe you’re just keen to add a touch of character or style to your current home which has been neglected whilst the kids grew up. Now is the perfect time!

Discover the reasons why people renovate in the first place. One of the most common reasons to renovate your home is to increase comfort or enjoyment. Comfort and enjoyment are the most important factor when we think about a renovation. Your comfort and enjoyment are more important than how much money you will make when you sell.  Is this true?
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