“Know any good builders?”

It’s a question commonly answered one of two ways and chances are you’ve heard the stories, whether the experience was terrific or a nightmare. From licenses and insurances to knowledge and skills, plus their portfolio; it all needs addressing before giving the go ahead.

Your house is soon to be awash with tradespeople and builders; so, it’s imperative to form a transparent relationship with your builder.

Have you done your homework?
Remember, it’s “your house,” a sanctuary for many people, so it’s a must that you do your due diligence before choosing a builder. When you’re spending thousands of dollars, it pays to do your homework. It’s not about who pops up first on your Google search or who your mate can connect you with at a discounted rate. It’s crucial that you choose a builder who is licensed, registered, and insured. Some Aussie’s forget to do the groundwork once a cheap quote gets in the way. Does your builder have the skillset and experience in the particular renovation you’re looking for? There’s no point in hiring the right person for the wrong job. Look at their portfolio and gage feedback from clients, past, present, especially those in the middle of the building stage. You’ll likely get a more balanced opinion of the builder’s communication skills, efficiency, and overall sense of professionalism.
Who are you dealing with?
With larger building companies, customers can feel like a little fish in a big sea filled with other clients. When you sit in front of a sales consultant, or customer service representative, you are in front of people with minimal decision-making capabilities and knowledge. Compare that with a smaller builder like Perth Precision Construction, where you are not only sitting with the registered builder, but you are also in front of the owner of the company. When you build with Perth Precision Construction, the entire process is personal. If you have a concern, issue, or question; we’re a phone call away, and you speak directly to your builder. For many, it’s peace of mind in itself.

“Everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own home with strangers coming in and out. If you are just another number to the building company, then the relationship isn’t there and it shows. Our greatest compliment at PPC is a referral to family members, and that’s only received with excellent customer service”
Timothy Keogh

Do you understand what they’re talking about?
Big words don’t mean a better builder! Some builders are renowned for using a whole lot of industry jargon and abbreviations. You agree with whatever sounds specky; then realize soon after that you’ve said yes to an expensive addition or feature you didn’t want! Miscommunication is a significant roadblock when dealing with a builder.

Selecting the right builder is a critical step in the journey that leads to your dream home. Picking the wrong one can leave you in all sorts of trouble. On one side, paying too much for a big builder can add unnecessary expenses to your build, on the flipside, picking a small builder with no track record can leave you with an undesired and poorly finished job.
Choose wisely.

Once you’ve secured your builder, let the renovation process begin.

Next month, what to expect when you’re renovating.